What a crazy year 2020 has been! As the year is nearing an end, Coronavirus cases are surging, and it looks like the pandemic will be around for a while to come. This has been a time of isolation, stress, uncertainty, and worry for all of us. Continue to care for yourself by taking actions to improve your mental and physical health. Reach out to family, friends, and those in your extended social circle from a distance. While we all have experienced some sense of loss during this pandemic, it has disproportionately and more profoundly affected the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. If you feel you are in a position to do so, see how you can help others in your community or around the globe. We are all in this together!

Physical Distance while staying socially connected

Wear your face mask, wash your hands, sanitize, and physical distance. With the holidays coming up, we all want to be close to our family and friends, but it is important to be mindful of guidelines set forth by public health officials and limit in-person social gatherings. Stay connected to family and friends as much as you can virtually. Practice good hygiene and physical distance if you must meet in person with anyone outside of your household.


Try to stick to a routine that will help you feel some sense of normalcy. Include activities you do in normal times whether it is leaving the house for a morning coffee, or getting dressed up for work or school. Making to do lists and including small tasks will help you feel accomplished.


Try to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning. Having a consistent sleep schedule helps you get better sleep.


Make sure you stay physically active as much as you can. Go for a walk, taking standing breaks, or stretch your body throughout the day. Stay hydrated.

Be Mindful of Time Spent on Social Media on News

Stay informed with current events and Covid 19 updates, but know when it’s time to log off and take a break.

Reach out for Help if You Need it

These are crazy and stressful times for all of us. Remember you are not alone. Reach out to a family member, friend, or professional if you are struggling.